Speedy brings Mac users the power to quickly launch everything!
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[MobilePRwire.com] Milan, Italy -  Apimac has announced Speedy 4.0 for Mac, a powerful utility that brings you the power to quickly launch everything you need for your everyday work as documents, folders, apps, and sites. Speedy also gives user some unparalleled tools to improve their work as multiple text Clipboard capability, workflows handling and keyboard shortcuts creation.

This utility is made ​​to meet the needs of even the most demanding Mac users, but, you know, life is more beautiful when you have a choice, for this we designed two modes of use of Speedy: a comfortable strip that is always on top of other windows and a cute bunny that sits on the menu bar, ready to answer your every call!

Frequently used items:
With a focus on ease-of-use, Speedy offers a totally new approach for organizing frequently used items. It allows users to quickly access documents, folders, sites, apps and tasks by organizing them into a handy menu. Favorites and recently used documents are automatically classified into groups according to the app that was used to open them, and web pages are conveniently grouped by site.

Text Snippet:
Speedy gives you multiple text Clipboard capability. Just choose the needed text item from the Recent Clipboard menu and it is ready to paste anywhere. For frequently needed text phrases, simply add them to your favorite text snippets collection. Perfect for using multiple text phrases over and over. Also, you can use a combination of keys to see a contextual menu with all of your text snippets directly on the document you're editing.

There are some things you always dreamed to do with your Mac but were afraid to ask:
- Hide or quit all running applications at once;
- Create a folder establishing the name and the location of it before to create it;
- Eject all removable and external disks at once;
- Open quickly a web page regardless of the incredible number of other windows are covering your first web browser window...
Well, now you can do it: the Workflows menu of Speedy is here to fulfill your wish.
And, if your desire is not satisfied by the available tasks, you can create a new one in minutes using Automator or AppleScript Editor.

If you're among those who love to use the shortcuts, you will be comfortable in the world of Speedy. Create the right shortcut in a few seconds to open documents, sites, apps and folders. Each shortcut will perform with precision your orders from the keyboard and you can continue working on your projects without any distraction.

* Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later
* Languages: English, Italian
* Version: 4.0

Pricing and Availability:
Speedy is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category.

Purchase and Download
Apimac Website
Info and Free Trial

Apimac is a software house dedicated to Mac OS X and iOS software.

People at Apimac aim to put into users hands software which they can use in a way they do things every day. Right after opening their apps, users can immediately focus on their task, not even noticing that they’re using an entirely new software.


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Chief Marketing Officer
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Speedy brings Mac users the power to quickly launch everything!

Posted June 03,2012 at 18:31 on The News Channel

Speedy brings Mac users the power to quickly launch everything!

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Speedy brings Mac users the power to quickly launch everything!

Posted May 26,2012 at 0:15 on AppDictions

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