Steak Baby Swaps Rattle For Backstreet Card Game!
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[] Hong Kong, Hong Kong -  Indie Games Publisher Steak Baby launches new Big2 app to iTunes. The company claims to have created a more sophisticated AI for Big2 with virtual opponents who will challenge even seasoned players and a tutorial for those who have never played before. Big2 a.k.a Chinese Poker is a Hong Kong institution when it comes to backstreet card games and has a cult following around the world. Big Dai Di is a premium version of Big2 and is available now on iTunes.

Newly formed Indie games publisher Steak Baby, today announces the launch of their first card game for iPad on iTunes. Big Dai Di is a premium version of the popular Asian card game Big 2 a.k.a Choh Dai Di.

Commonly referred to as Chinese Poker, Big 2 is hugely popular in Greater China and South East Asia but relatively unknown in other parts of the world. By bringing the game to iPad and including a mini tutorial and high quality user experience, the folks behind Steak Baby (who are addicted fans of the game) hope that Big Dai Di will convert even more enthusiasts and give old fans a brand new challenge – its rumoured that it might even improve their game!

While not the first version of Big 2 available on iTunes, Big Dai Di is [surprisingly] the first of its kind to make the user experience a priority. It is the only iPad version on iTunes with an in-game tutorial for first time users and features realistically demanding AI opponents that even seasoned players will find challenging. Additional features of Big Dai Di include:

• Play in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
• 3 different scoring methods – Hands, Points or Gold!
• Slick User Interface
• Intuitive motion controls
• 8 Original AI opponents with varying skill levels
• Connect to Game Centre to save scores and achievements.
• Share functions let you boast your achievements to friends on social media including twitter, facebook, renren and weibo.

Steak Baby director Idah Turner says of the game “Maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick, but I really think Big 2 is one of the best card games ever invented! Unfortunately, most electronic Choh Dai Di games just aren’t that challenging. I started this project so that I would have something to play on the bus to work and we’ve ended up creating one of the most realistic AIs available - the other opponents play like real people, no one can beat them every time!” She adds “Big Dai Di is the perfect casual game and I can’t wait to hear people expressing their frustrations at getting beat by our virtual players on trains and buses everywhere.”

Big Dai Di is collaboration between Steak Baby and app developer, Senja Solutions. Currently available as a single player vs. AI game, the team plans to launch a multiplayer version later this year.

Big Dai Di is available now on iTunes at

Game © 2012 Hand Holdings Ltd.
Published by Steak Baby

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About the Publisher
Steak Baby, part of Hand Holdings Ltd is a newly formed games publisher and developer of interactive content. Big Dai Di is the company’s first game launch with several other projects currently in development. More information about the company and its products can be found at

About the Developer
Senja Solutions is a crack team of web-developers, app-makers and IT experts who stop at nothing to turn every project into a beautifully functioning on- and offline experience. Senja specialises in Interactive Development, Website Development, Mobile- and App Development as well as R&D and prototyping. More information about the company and its products can be found at


Idah Turner

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Steak Baby Swaps Rattle For Backstreet Card Game!

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