The Dating Game iPhone App – THE Most Valuable App on the Planet!
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[] London, United Kingdom -  Two friends frustrated with being single and not meeting the right people decided to take matters into their own hands and came up with the Dating Game iPhone app. They asked each other a series of questions like, how can you get to know someone else and build a fulfilling relationship? By asking fun, interesting questions to gain an insight into each other’s personalities. So what tools do we have that can help us? A Smart Phone!! Why not combine the two?

So they did. With the Dating Game iPhone app, the power of a smart phone is utilized to not only provide a large database of interesting and fun questions, but it allows you to add your own questions and create a tailored list to reflect your personality.

It goes even further though - with the use of Facebook, Twitter, text and email you can also build relationships with your friends and family, as well as your date. And to crank up the fun element, users are encouraged to be creative and make up their own ‘rules’ for asking questions. Intrigued? Then download the Dating Game app now.

Here is a quote from one happy customer....”Brilliant app, some really funny entertaining questions and other really thought-provoking ones! Have a laugh with your mates or even find out more about your existing partner.”

Why is it the most valuable app on the planet?
The most valuable gift one person can give another is their time and with the Dating Game app, you are making the most of that valuable time!!!

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