Tired of Debates? Apple Features DietOrb Ahead The New iPad Mini Launch
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[MobilePRwire.com] Wilmington, NC -  With the debates wrapping up, consumers focus on new technology like the iPad Mini, DietOrb, and iPhone 5 for the holiday shopping season ahead.

With the debates wrapping up, and the US election drawing closer to an end, focus on what's new is coming back to light as many look to move full speed into the holiday shopping season of 2012. Apple is looking to have a bright sales season with the launch of the new iPad Mini tablet, and they even took a moment to highlight the groundbreaking DietOrb app in the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes App Store.

All eyes have been focused on the new DietOrb app released several days ago for the iPhone. DietOrb uses special frequencies to make weight loss easier for those struggling with diets, all by offering up a simple to follow, twice daily session that promises results when applied correctly throughout the day.

"We are very glad to see DietOrb now moving into the mainstream acceptance as our user count grows." said Matt Dizon, lead developer of the DietOrb technology. "Everyday we are adding at least a dozen new users who are finding that DietOrb is working for their friends and family, and they are ready to try it themselves." Dizon continued saying.

Considering the abilities of DietOrb, it was no surprise that after a few days the new iPhone app was featured in the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes App Store, a fresh Android version release on Google Play, all of which resulted in newsworthy chatter on Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets. "We're really hoping more people discover DietOrb ahead of the holidays with all of the eating that goes on, DietOrb could very will be the easy to use weight loss solution to keep people balanced during this time." Dizon further stated.

In what is shaping up to be another possible sales record for Apple through the recent iPhone 5 launch, and now the iPad Mini launch, DietOrb is in great company among some of the most talked about technologies of the holiday shopping season of 2012, and even further into the 2013 New Year's resolutions of weight loss and diets for countless thousands across the world.

To learn more about DietOrb, you can visit the app's dedicated website at http://dietorb.com or pick the app directly from the app stores, DietOrb on iTunes App Store and DietOrb on Google Play.

DietOrb Website
DietOrb on Google Play
DietOrb on iTunes App Store
DietOrb YouTube Video

Maker of DietOrb, the app that turns your smartphone into a smart way to boost your metabolism and encourage healthy weight loss. Now for Android on Google Play.


Matt Dizon

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