Top Productivity App, Pocket Informant, Releases New Android Update
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[] Cedar Park, Texas -  Web Informations Solutions, today announced the release of the latest update for their productivity application, Pocket Informant for Android; Version 2.0. This update adds many new features to this popular product, including a Widget and Contacts integration. Version 2.0 has been in the works for quite some time, and the end product shows the care and attention to detail that are trademarks of this company.

Pocket Informant for Android is an integrated Calendar and Tasks solution for Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. This product brings together everything about the user’s day into one central location; eliminating the need to bounce back and forth between different applications to manage where you need to be, what you need to do, and whom you are doing it with. Also included is the capability to sync your data to an outside service, for easy access on the go, as well as backup of your information. Pocket Informant is designed to be easy to use, and to be intuitive, and as simple to access as possible. The extreme customization of this product has made it a favorite with users.

Events and Tasks are easily added with just a few taps of the buttons, and are easily accessed in the different view options available.

Today View - Items for the current day, such as Tasks, appointments, and alarms.

Calendar View - The Calendar Views are Day, Week, Month and Agenda

Task View - Manage your Tasks from this view. This view contains several pre-defined groups to efficiently find the Tasks you are looking for. It provides quick access to the Inbox, Folders, Context, Starred and Next Action groupings.

Contacts View - This is a new, multi-faceted view that allows you to add, edit, delete, call or email contacts.

What’s new in Version 2.0

Widget - This has been one of the most requested features to be added to Pocket Informant for Android.

Pocket Informant Online Sync - Pocket Informant Online is our own Cloud sync service that also has a web interface to provide desktop access to your tasks and events. Pocket Informant Online is the only sync service that is fully compatible with the Pocket Informant mobile application. This is a subscription-based service that is available for the introductory price of $15/year.

Pocket Informant Online - As mentioned above, Pocket Informant Online is our new cloud sync service. You can sign up for Pocket Informant Online at Once you are signed up, you can sync your events and tasks to the only 100% feature matching sync option available for Pocket Informant. We will be adding features to Pocket Informant Online as time goes on, so please watch our website for the latest information.

Updated User Interface on the Main Views - The main views in Pocket Informant have been touched up to be easier to use and to provide easy at-a-glance access to your data.

Contacts View - Pocket Informant now shares the Android contacts database. This gives you the ability to view, edit, add and delete contacts from within Pocket Informant.

Multi-Select Modes in TaskViews - Now you can select multiple tasks allowing you to complete, edit and delete them at the same time.

Multi-Select Mode in Certain Event Views - Now you can select multiple Events in specific views, allowing you to edit and delete multiples at the same time.

All Pocket Informant syncing is managed by the Android Sync Manager - To add reliability, and to allow Pocket Informant to work even faster, we have handed the sync responsibilities off to the operating system. Now the operating system assumes the responsibility for moving data to and from Pocket Informant .

Multiple accounts of the same sync type can be used at the same time - Now if you have two Google accounts, or three Toodledo accounts, Pocket Informant can sync with them all. Pocket Informant brings you even greater syncing flexibility with this improved option. You can sync to as many compatible data sources as you wish. At the present time this only applies to Google and Toodledo sync services, as Pocket Informant only supports syncing to one Pocket Informant Online account. We are working on bringing the ability to sync to multiple Pocket Informant Online accounts as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for future updates.

Pocket Informant now supports multiple internal event and task calendars - It is now possible for Pocket Informant to support multiple internal event and tasks calendars, giving you more flexibility than ever before and allowing you to keep your Pocket Informant data separate from the native Android calendars if you wish.

ICS Support - Pocket Informant supports the latest features of Android 4.0

Ability to switch view modes on tablets between the Tablet View and Phone View

"We are very excited to offer this update to our users", says Alex Kac, Founder and CEO of Web Information Solutions, Inc. "We continue to move forward with this tool, and we are excited to see what the future holds."

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Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, WebIS, Inc. is a privately funded Corporation founded in 1997 by Alex Kac. WebIS, Inc. has focused on the Mobile PDA and Smartphone market since August of 2001 and has risen to become one of top ten developers by sales for mobile devices shortly thereafter. With more than 500,000 users on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and now Android, WebIS continues to show expertise, leadership, and vision in the mobile space. Our flagship application – Pocket informant – owns the majority market in PIM applications on Windows Mobile and as we continue to improve the user experience, and innovate in a big way WebIS is adapting to a changing software landscape and embracing the new directions of the market.


Amy Sandlin
Director of Marketing

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Top Productivity App, Pocket Informant, Releases New Android Update

Posted August 02,2012 at 21:18 on

Top Productivity App, Pocket Informant, Releases New Android Update

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Top Productivity App, Pocket Informant, Releases New Android Update

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