Traveling together with friends made easy with Prava app
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[] Bangalore, India -  Traveling with friends and family is fun but clunky. Travelers have to juggle multiple apps before / during / after the trip for planning / making / sharing the trip experience – and have to go back to all those apps again later for memories.

Now, Team Prava makes traveling together easy and fun through the Prava app. Prava helps travelers manage all of a group's trip discussions, plans, expenses, photos and experiences in one simple, neat place. They can also publish and view trip experiences.

With the free Prava travel app, it's easy to:

PLAN THE TRIP - Travelers can create their trip group, chat and build the travel itinerary.

MAKE THE TRIP - Travelers can capture and instantly share travel photos, expenses, locations and notes of the travel with their trip group.

PUBLISH THE TRIP - Travelers can publish the shared travel photos and travel notes together as a group to their contacts and other Prava users.

EXPLORE TRIPS - Travelers can discover trips published by their contacts and other Prava users, connect with them, get inspired and plan their next travel.

Prava works offline as well. Travelers can use Prava without Internet. Trip discussions, travel plans, photos, expenses and notes are available offline.

Travelers can also use Prava to keep their family members or loved ones back home updated of their trip in real-time by adding them to the particular trip group.

The free Prava travel app is also ad-free. It uses phone contact book synchronization to let travelers quickly connect with their contacts who have Prava, so there’s no need to add hard-to-remember usernames, IDs or handles. It also frees users from the hassles of logging-in and logging-out.

Prava is currently available for Android on the Google Play Store. Team Prava will release the iOS version shortly.

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Team Prava provides the world's first group travel social media app for planning, organizing and sharing trips made with friends and family. Started in 2015, Team Prava focuses on developing mobile apps for the connected world.


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Traveling together with friends made easy with Prava app

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Traveling together with friends made easy with Prava app

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Traveling together with friends made easy with Prava app

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