Vintage Inspired Arcade Game, Jumping Electron Released to Android
Romania,  June 14th 2012, in  Android Apps,   

[] Cluj-Napoca, Romania -  Arcade Meets Electronic Age on Google Play. Finmouse, mobile software development is pleased to announce the Android release of Jumping Electron- Electronic Age.

Jumping Electron is an arcade game with a classic platformer look and feel, and a gameplay fueled with vintage adrenalin.

The initial 40 levels and two chapters are a journey back to early Electronic Ages. Transformers, diodes, lamps and radiators invade smartphones to become obstacles on a highway inside a Radio and a Jukebox. The highway will continue with two more chapters inside a Tv and a Phone Switchboard.

Tilt and touchscreen tap functionality stand for an easy gameplay: skillfully guide the Jumping Electron on the highway, avoid crashing with obstacles, tunnels and gaps, reach the finish line and power-up the electronics.

Gamers will have the possibility to gather and spend virtual Volts on the geekiest ad-ons available in Shop: Customized Balls, Extra Energy, Level Boosters.

Jumping Electron for Android is fully integrated with OpenFeint Leaderboards. The game is awailable in HD as well.Jumping Electron is developed and published by Finmouse- mobile software development, using Unity 3D game engine, custom- made concept art and 3D Models made in Blender.”

For reviews and interviews please contact Eniko Laszlo- PR Manager at

Game development details can be found on website and on the official Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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Finmouse is a software development and outsourcing company focused on mobile applications and games for Android, iOS and other platforms.

Canadian/Romanian entrepreneur Andrei Kovacs created Finmouse with the vision of developing mobile apps and games that combine the creativity of an indie company with the highest level of professionalism and business expertise.


Eniko Laszlo
PR Manager
0040 741 036 00

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Vintage Inspired Arcade Game, Jumping Electron Released to Android

Posted June 14,2012 at 20:08 on The News Channel

Vintage Inspired Arcade Game, Jumping Electron Released to Android

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