Walker The Smartest Productivity App for iPhone Now Available
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[MobilePRwire.com] Moreno Valley, California / USA -  A stunning productivity app that walks you through your daily grind, now available for iPhone 4 and above.

Available today, Kickstarter funded app 'Walker' aims to hold your hand trough your inbox processing making sure your tasks are filed in the most efficient and visible way. It allows productivity beginners to easily get a hang of GTD and experts to get advantage of the fully nested horizons of focus.

Unlike other productivity apps, when the user taps on an inbox task, Walker proceeds to ask him if it is actionable., if the answer is Yes, the user will be presented with 4 options: do the task in 2 minutes with a timer, email the task and file it in a waiting for list (delegate), add the task to his calendar or send it to a next actions list setting the project and context respectively. For non actionable tasks, the user can file them on a waiting for, reference or someday list. Thanks to this process Walker will make sure that the user files the task in the most efficient and visible way.

This great feature, together with nested horizons of focus, today's calendar list and the ability to add tasks from Siri, iCloud.com or a Mac, makes Walker one of the most helpful apps in the AppStore

Walker is now available for $1.99 in the US and priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available worldwide on the Apple AppStore for iPhone 4 and above in iOS 6. Walker is in active development and it has a lot of features coming soon, like a guided weekly review and sync.

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Walker under active development by Raul Rea, an iOS developer working on apps since 2009


Raul Rea

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Walker The Smartest Productivity App for iPhone Now Available

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Walker The Smartest Productivity App for iPhone Now Available

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