Why iOS Apps are More Successful than Android Apps

Today, there is a lot of competition between the iPhone and the Android.  Android is doing its best to keep up – and is even making an honest effort at giving the iPhone a run for its money.  However, iPhone continues to be the obvious leader, and its app market can take a lot of the credit for that.  Apple’s operating system (iOS) hosts a boundless number of apps, suited to every type of user and every type of purpose you can imagine.  And everyone knows it.  After all, when we hear the catch phrase, “there’s an app for that,” we immediately think of the Apple app store.  The iPhone is synonymous with apps – plain and simple.  What Apple knows about apps is what Google needs to learn, if the Android is to ever catch up.  Here are some reasons why iOS app marketers are more successful than android app marketers:

Google has changed its operating system so many times, and it must work on so many different devices (of different brands, at that), that it is extremely difficult for app developers to create apps that work on all Android devices.  Apple, on the other hand, makes its operating system updates available to all of its devices (which are only the Apple brand), meaning iOS apps are easier to develop because one version of the app is sure to be compatible with all iPhones, no matter which iOS generation they are using.

When you own an iPhone, you can purchase your apps directly through iTunes, which is already fully integrated into your phone.  Therefore, adding apps to your iPhone is quick and painless because the whole process is fully automated for you.  Android has no such integration, and therefore cannot offer users an automated purchasing process.  When you buy an app for your Android, you must “check out” as if you were making any other type of purchase.

Apple’s reputation for providing the most apps, and for delivering them before they reach Android users, is a reputation that sticks.  App developers for the iOS are able to ride that reputation, knowing that they have a one-up by default when it comes to marketing their apps.  This tends to feed on itself, meaning Apple’s reputation makes it easier for iOS app developers to market their product, and therefore app developers are more likely to create and market products for iOS.

There are some clear-cut reasons for why iOS app marketer are more successful than Android app marketers.  Until these gaps are bridged, it is safe to assume that Apple will continue to be the forerunner when it comes to the app market.

About the Author: Fletcher Lopiccalo has more than 7 years experience comparing cell phones and technological gadgets. He enjoys watching for new Samsung phones, eReaders, and iPhone releases the most.

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