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[MobilePRwire.com] St. Petersburg, Russia -  Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer and distributor, announced the release of Zzed 1.1, a new game for iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch. Zzed is a dangerously addictive space puzzle shooter. Puzzle shooters are among the most exciting game genres in the world because they require both logical skills and quick reflexes. It takes the best qualities of both genres: planning, thinking, moving and shooting. It's the perfect formula for addictive gameplay.

Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer and distributor, announced the release of Zzed 1.1, a new game for iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch. The game's genre can be defined as a cosmic puzzle shooter which is a great combination of a match 3 puzzle and a space shooter with a bit of real physics.

You play from the perspective of a cool green alien who is in love with an up-town alien girl. To conquer his girlfriend's heart, Zzed decides to get a job and become a space-based waste management specialist. In Zzed you pilot a spaceship and face a continuous flow of space garbage - dangerous and colorful meteorites. You shoot colored meteorites at the color-coded garbage-meteorites, which explode when 3 or more pieces of the same color come together.

It's very simple to get used to the game controls: tap and drag to control the ship, tap to aim and shoot. The game mechanics uses real physics, so ricocheted and bounced shots give you additional points.

The cut scene artwork is done in a comic book style and has been adopted for the iPhone 4 display. You can follow the game's plot in the humorous comic strips, that are shown between the levels.

Main features:
* Great game mechanics using real physics
* Unique combination of genres: match 3 puzzle meets cosmic shooter
* Requires both logical thinking and quick reaction time
* Great bonuses: various rockets, freeze fields and bombs
* More than 60 levels in 10 locations
* Great atmosphere due to graphics and musics together
* Game Center Support

Zzed is available in English, Russian, and German, other languages coming soon!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Zzed: match 3 cosmic shooter 1.1 is $2.99 USD for iPhone and $4.99 USD for iPad (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Info page with video and screenshots
iPhone version iTunes link
iPad version iTunes link
Zzed Review YouTube Video
Zzed in-game trailer YouTube Video

About Nevosoft
Nevosoft is a leading casual game developer and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe based in St. Petersburg, Russia. It delivers downloadable and online entertainment software for various platforms. Nevosoft was founded in 2002 and is internationally renowned for its best selling, award-winning games like My Kingdom for the Princess I & II, Mushroom Age, Mysteryville I & II, Christmasville, Supercow and about 25 more.


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