eCard Express HD App for Android Tablet with Personal & Business Cards
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[] Mississauga, Canada -  With beautiful retina display graphics, over 150 greeting cards and frames and the ability to share your creations via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Social Hub, eCard Express HD is the essential app to visually stay in touch with friends, family and business partners. The app enables users to create and customize greeting cards with high quality stickers and their own photos and images from the Android Gallery. The app has intuitive and very easy to use interface. Web:

Announcing that Bartsoft Inc., a Canadian based company, have released the new festive greeting card application for Android Tablet - eCard Express HD. This application enables users to create and customize greeting cards with high quality stickers, frames, and their own photos or images from the photo gallery. eCard Express HD is intuitive, very easy to use, and very efficient at producing Christmas and holiday cards, birthday greetings, dinner invitations, congratulations cards and customizable frames.

Bartsoft Inc. describes the app as "the best way to stay in touch with friends, family, business partners and customers through a fun and interactive ecard application."

With eCard Express HD users have access to two card types - frames and greeting cards. Frames are filled with the user's chosen photo from their photo gallery. If no photo is the desired option however, the user can choose from a number of digital cards from all the popular categories such as Christmas, Birthday, Love & Friendship Cards, Congratulations, Invitation, Get Well, Sorry, Thank You, National Holidays, Religious Cards just to name a few. Both can then be shared instantly through email, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Social Hub, or saved to the Android gallery. The app also allows users to save their creation to "My Cards," which is essentially an in-app library of all user-saved creations and a very convenient way to put together ecards for Android Tablet users on the go, since it does not require a network connection until actually sending the cards.

While it may seem complicated, eCard Express HD is very intuitive and straightforward even for a novice Android Tablet user. With a very well designed user interface and Retina display graphics it makes the creation process significantly more enjoyable.

eCard Express HD Features:
- Effortlessly create colorful and appealing greeting and photo cards just the way you want them.
- Large selection of over 150 frames and cards makes your every choice a perfect one.
- Spice up creations with beautiful stickers, or even make an entire card out of them for your recipients to enjoy.
- Your creations always look good no matter where! Whether they are received on a desktop computer, your smartphone or tablet (on any platform, including iOS, Android, Blackberry).
- Create on the go, with no network connection required.
- Save your best creations in the eCard Express HD library or Android Tablet gallery.

Device Requirements:
Android Tablet OS 3.0 or later

Pricing & Availability:
eCard Express HD is available in the Android Market worldwide in the Lifestyle category for only $1.99 (USD):

Support Site:

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