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[] Palo Alto, CA -  Virtual Smart Books ( "VSB" ), a state-of-the-art learning platform developed by MVE Systems Inc., that offers multimedia educational materials for various courses such as Electronics, ROTC,Iliad by Homer, Chemistry and Computer Science made it to the What's Hot list of iTunes and other Appstores in different countries.

The Virtual Smart Books are available in different platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Each VSB course comes with high quality videos, recorded narrations, downloadable content, and an immersive interactive game that is sure to captivate high school students and lifelong learners as well. The VSB courses can also be taken as a part of Eric's High School Experience, MVE's online institution that offers academic content to anyone for free, the brainchild of MVE's Chief Technology Officer, Eric Manalac.

"With almost a million apps in total available in all kinds of devices, to be featured in this list is a great honor" says Manalac. "As a developer, it only means one thing: we are doing it right. This is a milestone in the two worlds our team is very passionate about -- gaming and education. A lot of research has been made on how gaming can be best used in education and we're glad to finally have the answer."

VSB ROTC was featured in iTunes U.S and United Kingdom while the VSB Computer Science and Chemistry were included in Germany, Austria and Russia's lists. MVE Series Editor, Bill Atwood explains that what's good about digital games is that it engages the learner and enhances motivation, adaptability, creativity and comprehension all at the same time. “There’s a big difference between explaining how a computer system works and controlling an animated robot to run across the surface of the moon".

What's hot about the VSB is that it runs on the Victory Learning Management System ( "Victory LMS" ), the first LMS designed to be universal, scalable, secure, powerful, and easy to use. It tracks the users’ academic progress across all VSB courses, across all gadgets and platforms, within a single account.

MVE Systems will continue to actively roll out new VSB Course titles, and deliver world-class quality academic content for everyone, everywhere.

Download a Virtual Smart Book today and join the thousands of other everyday students already enhancing their learning experience!

MVE Systems, Inc.
Eric's High School Experience
Virtual Smart Books

MVE Systems, Inc. is a premium provider of Technology Solutions for Government, Services, Industry, and Education, and a Google Reseller, with an office in Palo Alto, CA.

Our online academic curriculum, Eric’s High School Experience began December 2012, and offers a free K-12 curriculum that can be viewed at home on desktop, or accessed anywhere on your phone or mobile device. The coursework of is provided through a platform called Virtual Smart Books, a synthesis of world-class education, and world-class presentation.


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