iUnderstandEnglish, special launch promotion from 13/06/2013
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[MobilePRwire.com] Barcelona, Spain -  An iOS app that teaches English learners to understand UK regional accents.

Not everyone speaks like your English teacher. This is iUnderstandEnglish's slogan, which comes from the notion that a vast majority of ESL (English as a Second Language) learners understand their teachers extremely well but, when faced with a real-life exchange in the street, find the language to be a lot more challenging.

This new app - equipped with 10 real-life categories, 50 conversations and 12 UK regional accent profiles - allows the listener to read along with full, auto-scroll transcripts. Once finished listening to the conversation of their choice, the user is given the option to select iUnderstand, which checks the conversation as understood or Not yet, which allows the user to revisit the conversation later.

iUnderstandEnglish comes with a unique difficulty level selector. Swipe left to reveal level 2, which will provide a conversation with the same context as level 1, but with faster, native-level speech, advanced vocabulary, more complex grammatical structures and the introduction of idiomatic phrases. In summary, use level 1 to learn 'classroom English' to grasp the basic concepts of the language and use level 2 to listen to English in its most native form.
The iUnderstandEnglish app was created by Sançar Sahin, an Oxford-born (with Turkish name) entrepreneur in 2013.

If you would like a promo code to be able to download the app pre-launch, please just let us know and we will be happy to provide one.


Press Kit (with images)

Bardsbawd Media is a small start-up, dedicated to harnessing today's technologies to create innovative and engaging language learning solutions.


Sancar Sahin
(0034) 60094564

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iUnderstandEnglish, special launch promotion from 13/06/2013

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iUnderstandEnglish, special launch promotion from 13/06/2013

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