micro4C Released ‘My Sales Opportunities’ v1.2 for the iPad
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[MobilePRwire.com] Toronto, Ontario -  'My Sales Opportunities' sales application for iPad has been developed for sales people and entrepreneurs who want to exceed their goals and targets. 'My Sales Opportunities' allows sales people to manage their contacts, customers, open opportunities, closed sales, follow up activities, notes and other important information all in one place. Within minutes sales person can start managing open sales opportunities, key follow up tasks and closing more of new sales.

micro4C Inc., software development company with focus on personal effectiveness at work, released ‘My Sales Opportunities’ sales application for iPad. Now sales professionals and entrepreneurs around the world can immediately improve their sales results by using 'My Sales Opportunities' application.

'My Sales Opportunities' organizes everything in one place. Sales person's leads, open opportunities, closed sales, follow up tasks, important notes, contacts and customers. Sales tracking spreadsheet now evolved into highly effective and very easy to use personal sales management application. With 'My Sales Opportunities', within minutes, sales person will start managing open opportunities and closing new sales.

'My Sales Opportunities' dashboard helps sales people stay focused on achieving their goals. The dashboard shows closed business in current month, quarter and year to date. Sales funnel area shows total number of open opportunities, revenue and overall profit in pipeline. Opportunities which require immediate attention are listed in the central area of the home page. All this information helps sales person drive key activities to achieve sales targets.

'My Sales Opportunities' central functionality is focused on managing and winning open sale opportunities. It allows sales person to easily and quickly capture all new sales leads. It helps properly qualify every single opportunity to determine how much of time, effort and resources sales person wants to invest in any of them. Each opportunity is tracked through key sales development stages. With this sales person knows exactly what needs to be done next to close the business.

Top opportunities provide the most significant contribution in achieving sales targets. 'My Sales Opportunities' helps sales person identify key opportunities early on in the sales cycle. With thorough planning and effective execution of key follow up activities sales person ensures he/she did everything possible to win this business.

'My Sales Opportunities' helps sales person identify and focus on most valuable customers. Through account planning they can capture and record all new sales opportunities from these clients. And plan most important follow ups to win majority of this business.

Customer Testimonial
Mr. Damir Grubisa, Principal of Group 4 Networks, sees benefits of My Sales Opportunities in this way:
"Since Group 4 Networks started using 'My Sales Opportunities' company's sales effectiveness improved significantly. Now there is no way anyone can miss one single new sales opportunity, sales people clearly see what is in their sales funnel, how much of sales they have closed and what they need to do to stay on top of the goals. Simple and highly effective!"

About micro4C Inc.
micro4C was founded in 2011. The company is focused on providing software solutions for enhancing individual employee's productivity and effectiveness at work. micro4C's paramount is to develop software applications which deliver immediate benefits to their users. Simplicity, short learning curve and ease of use are our software application key design criteria.

My Sales Opportunities Overview
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micro4C Inc. is Toronto, Canada based company with focus on developing software applications which improve personal productivity and effectiveness at work.

Our prime product is 'My Sales Opportunities' sales application for iPad. Main objective of this application is to help sales people manage their open opportunities and close more sales. It is their very own and personal sales management tool.

micro4C Inc. was established in 2011 by group of industry professionals and veterans.


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micro4C Released ‘My Sales Opportunities’ v1.2 for the iPad

Posted April 18,2012 at 11:18 on The News Channel

micro4C Released ‘My Sales Opportunities’ v1.2 for the iPad

Posted April 16,2012 at 18:31 on Android AppDictions | Best Android Apps | Android App Reviews

micro4C Released ‘My Sales Opportunities’ v1.2 for the iPad

Posted April 16,2012 at 18:30 on AppDictions

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